Finn Balor Issues Statement on Lack of Rainbow Gear at Greatest Royal Rumble

finn balor rainbow gear greatest royal rumble statement

Saudi Arabia’s strict laws against homosexuality led many to believe it was the reason Finn Balor didn’t wear his rainbow-themed gear promoting inclusion at Greatest Royal Rumble … and now the wrestler has released a statement on the matter.

Balor tweeted after the show implying the change in trunks was a case of dirty laundry and not a mandate from above, although he didn’t outright say that:

“My Rainbow Gear was a statement at Wrestlemania Weeekend Although the gear has not been worn since in 6 appearances(Hartford CT, Cape Town x2,Pretoria, Johannesburg ,St.Louise Saudi Arabia) My support continues despite any color choice, change or laundry schedule. #dirtypants”

According to a CNN report, the penalty for married men or non-Muslims who engage in same-sex conduct with Muslims is stoning to death.

Finn’s “Balor Club For Everyone” shirt is still on sale and a portion of the proceeds goes to GLAAD.


7 Comments on "Finn Balor Issues Statement on Lack of Rainbow Gear at Greatest Royal Rumble"

  1. Will Henderson | April 28, 2018 at 12:25 am | Reply

    i like Finn and respect his pro-LGBT views, but i feel like WWE told him to lie about why he couldn’t wear the LGBT Rainbow theme ring gear. everybody knows Muslim/Islamic countries hate homosexuality worse then the Christian based countries. while the LGBT community in Christian countries get shit, they still can be free and out and proud while in the Muslim/Islamic countries, being openly gay is a death sentence, so it was wise to have Finn avoid wearing his LGBT rainbow gear to make sure he don’t end up leaving Saudi Arabia in a casket or body bag, but at the same time, Finn i want you to be openly honest about why, we understand why you had no choice but to skip wearing it at Greatest Royal Rumble.

  2. Finn Balor is light in the loafers.

  3. We know the real reason, Finn.

  4. Jeffrey Scott Hillman | April 28, 2018 at 4:39 pm | Reply

    Thank you for not wearing it and please never do again.

  5. Just because he didn’t wear the gear doesn’t mean that his support for LGBTQ+ people stopped. It’s as if some people forgot where WWE held its show on Friday.

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