Bullet Club’s Bad Luck Fale — Too Sweet, At Singing Boyz II Men (VIDEO)

bad luck fale boyz II men bullet club wrestling

Listening to Boyz II Men can make the toughest man look like a softie, but don’t tell that to founding Bullet Club member Bad Luck Fale — ’cause the dude got down last night during their concert.

Fale hit up the group’s concert Friday in Auckland, New Zealand and clearly had a great time based on the video below … which shows the wrestler jamming along to “End of the Road.”

The New Japan star tells us he’s always been a big fan of B2M — adding, “All New Zealand’ers are loyal fans of Boyz II Men.”

Bad Luck Fale also posted a pic on social media after the show with Shawn Stockman from the group, proving that even famous people like snapping a selfie with their favorite celebrities.

It’s real.