WATCH: Steve Austin Makes Cameo in New Bad Bunny Music Video

bad bunny stone cold steve austin music video ¿Quién Tu Eres?

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin opens a can of whoop ass in the new video for Bad Bunny’s latest single. 

The popular rapper dropped the video for his new single “¿Quién Tu Eres?” on Monday which features Austin saying “nobody f*cks with my Bunny” to a group of bikers before beating them up and hitting one with a Stunner.

Bad Bunny and “Stone Cold” celebrate after the beatdown. However, in typical Steve Austin-fashion, he delivers one last Stunner before the video comes to an end.

As you may recall, Ric Flair made a cameo in the rapper’s video for “Chambea” back in 2017.

Watch Steve Austin and Bad Bunny below.