Axl Rotten — Autopsy Complete … Cops Say He Was Found in McDonalds Bathroom, Not Outside

Axl Rotten Autopsy complete wrestling overdose suspected ecw wrestler

The autopsy for ex-ECW wrestler Axl Rotten has been finished … but authorities tell Pro Wrestling Sheet it’ll be almost 2 months before they actually know what caused his death.

The Medical Examiners office in Baltimore says the results will be available in 6-8 weeks now that the autopsy is complete. We’re told his body has already been picked up for funeral services as well.

As for family sources telling us Axl’s body was found in a car outside of McDonalds, the Anne Arundel Police says we weren’t given the full truth.  An officer at the station who was on scene tells us the 44 year-old was found dead on the floor of the bathroom and emergency responders attempted to revive him for 25 minutes.

The officer also claims he didn’t see any drugs.