WATCH: Awesome Kong Reflects on AEW Debut at Double or Nothing

awesome kong aew double or nothing reflects video

Awesome Kong may have looked like a bad ass during her surprise appearance at AEW’s Double or Nothing, but the wrestler says inside she was holding back tears. 

On the epilogue of Road to Double or Nothing, which dropped today, Kong says there are no words to describe the feeling she had upon hearing the roar of the crowd as she walked out. 

“I seriously had to shove my personal side of me away … cause that chick cries at everything … and my Kong personality had to take the wheel,” the wrestler added. 

“There is something starting right now,” Kong continued. “It’s in the air. People feel it. Backstage. Onstage. In the stands. In the seats. In the lines. In the crowds. In the bars. At home. Something’s starting. It’s a revolution. And I’m on-board.”

Awesome Kong was a surprise entrant in a match against Nyla Rose, Britt Baker and Kylie Rae. She ultimately lost to Baker … but without being pinned. 

Watch the final episode of Road to Double or Nothing below.