Austin Aries Opens Up About Controversy Surrounding Impact Wrestling Exit

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Former Impact Wrestling champ Austin Aries left the company last year in controversial fashion at Bound for Glory, and now he’s opened up about everything that went down.

Aries spoke about the drama surrounding his exit during an Instagram Live session earlier this week with Impact Wrestling star Killer Kross, who is having his own issues with the company.

As you may recall, Johnny Impact made a joke on Twitter about Aries’ height in the build to their match. Austin then replied: “Ahh, the form of discrimination that’s still super cool: Short Shaming. If I joked race, retards, your gay look…if I fat shamed your husky wife, INSTANT OUTRAGE!! But you can predictably cut on me over my height, genetics I don’t control, and it’s just FUNNY!”

Aries claims before tweeting that, he sent the verbiage to Morrison for approval from he and Taya Valkyrie and both said they thought it was hilarious – but would act “super offended” on social media.

The tweet, however, prompted a call from Don Callis who asked him to take it down. 

According to Aries, he was sent a 3-month contract extension after on the flight to New York for his title defense at Bound For Glory because his deal was expiring the next day. Austin claims he told management to instead draft up a 3-day extension to get them through the tapings, then they could discuss where to go from there.

The 41-year-old wrestler then talked about expressing frustration over the creative plans for him after losing the title and pitching the idea of quickly getting up after the finish. Aries believed walking out/being gone for a few weeks would build buzz for his inevitable return. He doesn’t say if he was given approval by the powers-that-be, but says no one was told it would happen to make everything seem as real as possible.

“When Conor McGregor lost, did he sit there rolling around on the mat afterwards,” Aries asked. “I lost, I was pissed. The Starship [Pain], that f*cking thing, that’ll get you down for 3.1 seconds. That’s a horsesh*t finisher. Let’s be honest. The thing that beat me was my brainbuster before it if you watch!”

Adding, “I sold. No-selling is what you guys do when you kick out of these finishers four times every match so you get ‘holy sh*ts.’ I didn’t kick out of anything that whole f*cking match. I took the pin 1-2-3 and then I got up 4-5-6 and I motherf*ck Don Callis, said ‘I hope you’re happy now. This is your guy. Let’s see what he can do.’ And I walked out.”

Aries then claims Impact let his contract run out after the events that occurred, but he still planned to return weeks later at a TV taping in Las Vegas. However, it was decided he wouldn’t be used at the taping and they instead sat down with him to discuss a new contract.

The two sides were unable to come to terms on a deal though and Austin says he passed on the offer.

“What I learned from that is you have to go fight sometimes,” Aries concluded. “If you put me in a position to trust me to be that guy, then I should have a say and an opinion in what’s going on. That’s part of my issue that I had with this thing with Morrison. It wasn’t dropping the title, it had nothing to do with that.”

Watch the entire conversation below.