Austin Aries Impact Wrestling Contract Allegedly Ended at Bound For Glory

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Austin Aries no-sold the finish to his match at Bound For Glory on Sunday night and producer Petey Williams talked about everything surrounding the incident on his podcast.

The newest episode of Petey’s Wrestling Perspective Podcast dropped on Monday. During the show, Williams revealed he was the agent for Aries vs. Impact and called everything in the production truck.

For those who missed it … Aries got up after being pinned, seemingly gave the bird to Don Callis and angrily walked to the back after losing the Impact Championship to John Morrison.

Petey says Austin never expressed unhappiness during the day of the event over being booked to lose and when asked about the ex-champ’s demeanor he described it as “fine … it’s Austin Aries.”

In regards to the finish of the match, Williams added: “Austin Aries’ contract is done. That’s all I’ll say. That match was his last match under contract with Impact.” Petey also claims Aries confirmed his contract status during a backstage conversation after the event where the wrestler explained he wouldn’t be at the next set of TV tapings.

For what it’s worth, Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with multiple sources in the company following the incident who claim the no-sell moment was legit … not scripted.

Aries returned to Impact in early 2018 following his exit from WWE. 

Listen to the FULL EPISODE HERE.

10 Comments on "Austin Aries Impact Wrestling Contract Allegedly Ended at Bound For Glory"

  1. It’s a work. But it also sets up an excuse to have him leave just in case he does not come back. Impact can say he took his ball and went home, etc. In reality, his contract expired.

    • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted | October 15, 2018 at 11:02 pm | Reply

      If it’s a work… Then, they took a page out of wcw 2000 playbook….

      • I have to disagree. This is actually being done very well. Idiots like Tyler Treese of Wrestlezone and Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc said they were confused as fuck whether this was work, shoot, shootwork. Now, it does not take much to confuse those dumbasses.

        Hausman even said he was scratching his head when Aries got up. He usually scratches his balls. 😁

        • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted | October 16, 2018 at 7:52 am | Reply

          See, I’m not sold… Yes, it has ppl talking… But, is it enough to get them to tune in??? I don’t think so.
          Now, if ratings take big jump for the next few months – then it worked… Just don’t see it happening.

          • I already read the spoilers. I am assuming they are leaving POP since they got bumped back. But from the spoilers, no real build to anything just more matches. So, this could be a lame duck period.

            It has gotten people talking, I agree that it probably won’t see much of a bump in the viewership.

          • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted | October 16, 2018 at 8:03 am |

            Yeah, it’s shitty what POP is doing… I’m convinced that the TNA/WWE meeting a few weeks ago was in regards to getting Impact a distribution deal on the network.

          • I feel like this will do the opposite and cause people to not want to tune it. Aries is gone so it’s not like people can tune in to see what happens next. Plus people can just look online for the scoop instead of having to watch Impact
            Stuff like this, for me at least, also completely kills the suspension of disbelief. Fans are suppose to, to an extent, buy into the idea that this is an actual competition but when you see something like this is makes the whole thing seem like a joke and a waste of time.

          • Lou DiFigliano #Deleted | October 23, 2018 at 11:34 am |

            Totally agree.

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