Final Attendance Count for All In Was 11,263 People

all in attendance

10,000 people was the goal for All In … but it turns out the final attendance number exceeded that.

According to Nick Jackson, as well as a graphic released by the event Twitter page, All In drew a crowd of 11,263 people on Saturday evening in Chicago at the Sears Centre Arena.

In case you missed it, The Elite talked about the idea of doing a second All In after the PPV went off the air. Matt Jackson stated, “If you guys want it, you want more pro wrestling from the cast of Being The Elite, then my family, my great friends, my cast of bandits, we will give you more of this.”

Cody Rhodes also addressed their future, saying: “And that question, of what happens next with this group? We are sticking together.”

Watch the full video of their speeches below.