Monday Night RAW — The Story Behind ‘Ashley Lynn Lied’ Sign That Went Viral

Ashley Lynn lied sign wwe wrestling raw

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned the sign that made a brief appearance on RAW saying “Ashley Lynn lied and destroyed the family” was NOT the work of a jaded former lover — it’s much deeper.

The Sheet spoke with Joseph Pascali — who was sitting next to the woman holding the sign (yes, a woman) — and he says she and her male companion were dedicated about getting it seen on TV.

After the sign was taken away by security, Pascali says the two were heard loudly discussing the recent passing of a man named Mark and it sounded like they were talking about a money issue relating to his family member — Ashley Lynn.

A man named Jesse Lynn tweeted earlier this afternoon saying, “Anyone talking about the #AshleyLynnLied sign from #RAWTampa … You should hear the real story. #FamilyComesFirst”

Jesse also wrote us saying, “this is a family issue and should have never been brought into the public eyes.” We checked his friends list on FB and he only had one friend named Ashley Lynn — who has written many recent status updates about her family being angry with her over a recent decision. Her father Mark also passed away this year.

Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with one of her family members shortly after posting the story and they told us the sign was brought to the show because Ashley’s relatives felt like “she needed to know she lied.”

We attempted to contact Ashley for clarification, but she didn’t wanna talk about it.

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  1. After jumping on all the guys in the neigborhood… everything she could wish for from mom and daddy, troll decided to come out of the basement, looking for attention – again –

  2. Ashley lynn didn’t lie the family should have never put that business on TV.

  3. Nevermind Who | June 29, 2016 at 2:15 pm | Reply

    Who gives a shit.

  4. I wanted to make sure my brother saw the sign & that I was telling him the truth! He did not believe me so I made the sign to let him know!

  5. fuck her and everyone who did this shit

  6. Dean Ambrose | June 29, 2016 at 8:45 pm | Reply

    Hope that made you and your family feel better! Happy 4th!

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