Arn Anderson Would Be Honored to Receive AEW Job Offer, But He’s Still “Legally Bound” to WWE

arn anderson aew wwe legally bound all elite wrestling

Arn Anderson says he’d be honored to receive a job offer from AEW in the future, but right now he’s unable to talk with them about it due to legal obligations.

Anderson talked to the Two Man Power Trip podcast about his thoughts on All Elite Wrestling and said “if you don’t feel good about what’s going on right now with AEW and the impact it’s had on the business, you’re a fool.” 

The wrestling legend then explained that he didn’t go to “Double or Nothing” because he didn’t want it to look like he’s working for the new wrestling promotion. 

“Make no mistake, I want to be clear, I do not work for AEW,” Anderson stated. “We haven’t had that discussion as of yet. Not to say that I wouldn’t be honored somewhere down the road to be offered a position with those guys, but we just haven’t had that conversation because right now quite frankly I’m legally bound to a non-disclosure agreement.”

Arn also reiterated that he’s still on a WWE severance package for the next few months. 

“But that being said, I was so excited for them it might as well have been that I was working for them because I sure was pulling for them every step of the way and they paid it off,” he added.

Listen to the clip below.