Ariane Andrew Says She’s Still a Free Agent After Appearing in AEW Tournament

ariane andrew aew women's tag team cup tournament deadly draw free agent

After wrestling in AEW’s Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament this week, Ariane Andrew gave an update on her current status with the promotion.

The match was brought up today on Andrew’s YouTube show “Sippin the Tea” during an interview with WWE star Naomi, who said she was excited to watch her former partner return to the ring.

“Ok, since we are spilling tea, I’m gonna keep it one-thousand-percent so everyone can hear it right here, right now. I am not with AEW. That was just a little something,” Ariane said. 

Naomi then asked if that meant there was a chance for a Funkadactyls reunion and Ariane replied saying she’s still currently a free agent.  “It’s not official. So there’s still a door,” she added. “Hello, Vince! Is you listening? Funkadactyl reunion.”

Ariane also revealed that she didn’t tell anyone about the opportunity she was getting to be in the Deadly Draw tournament beforehand, not even her friend Naomi.

In case you missed it, Andrew and Nyla Rose were defeated in the first round of the tournament.

Watch the full Funkadactyls reunion below.