Andy Williams from Every Time I Die — Meniscus Torn During Singles Match Debut (VIDEO)

Andy Williams singles match debut every time I die guitar player wrestling

Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams impressed the crowd Sunday in Canada during his singles match debut … but the brutal encounter left him with a torn meniscus.

The match between Andy and Tarik went down at Smash Wrestling‘s Any Given Sunday 4 in Ontario — and the highlight reel below features a painful looking apron chokeslam from Williams.

Andy tells us he’s currently on crutches dealing with a torn meniscus he suffered during the match. Williams says it was caused by a bad landing on one of the spots. Doctors will scope his knee in a few days and he should be in recovery after for close to 2 weeks.

The whole event will be available Sunday on Smash Wrestling’s On-Demand service.

3 Comments on "Andy Williams from Every Time I Die — Meniscus Torn During Singles Match Debut (VIDEO)"

  1. There’s a reason why seasoned veteran wrestlers always tell the Joe Blows of the world not to try this at home. I get that he landed wrong, but question is: how much training, if any, did he have? Even the Hardcore Legend himself, Mick Foley, was properly trained by a well seasoned Dominick DiNucci in a properly run wrestling school. It sucks that Williams tore his meniscus, but perhaps that will serve as a wakeup call to him that perhaps he should leave the wrestling to the experts.

  2. Apparently he has been training for over a year. Sometimes things just happen.

  3. The Menace At Hand | March 23, 2016 at 9:17 am | Reply

    Okay, wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for letting me know.

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