TNA Wrestler Andrew Everett — INJURED … ACL Could Be the Problem

Andrew Everett — a new addition to the TNA roster — has been sidelined with a knee problem … telling Pro Wrestling Sheet he fears the issue could be another injury to his ACL.

Everett says his repaired ACL had been clicking lately, but he didn’t give it any thought until Sunday when it buckled beneath him badly. And things only got worse from there.

Andrew tells us while walking around the following day his knee fully gave out on him — so he’ll be getting an MRI done soon to locate the injury, and may even fly home early from the UK.

Everett adds, “Hopefully it’s just my meniscus, but I’m willing to bet it’s ACL.”

For those unfamiliar, Andrew Everett was recently added to the TNA roster page — and he’s been a standout star in PWG as of late.

Get well soon.