WATCH: Dean Ambrose Shares Video Hyping the Return of Jon Moxley

dean ambrose jon moxley hype video return

Say goodbye to Dean Ambrose, and say hello once again to Jon Moxley … because the former WWE Champion just shared a video hyping his return to his former moniker. 

Ambrose published a video on Tuesday night that begins with him sitting restless in prison before breaking out. This would seem to be a pretty obvious reference to him leaving WWE.

As we previously reported, Ambrose was moved to the alumni section of last week. This happened not long after The Shield’s Final Chapter event, which was billed as Dean’s final show.

In the new hype video, Ambrose is seen hopping the jail fence and getting his arm stuck in barbed wire. He then pulls it off and takes it with him as he runs from the police. A training montage begins as he’s also seen walking the streets wrapping his arm in the barbed wire. 

The letters M-O-X are displayed across the screen during the montage and the camera shows blood dripping on the ground as the man once again known as Jon Moxley smirks. 

For what it’s worth, Ambrose is seen walking by a dice graphic on a wall. The numbers on the dice shown are 2 and 5, which should get people talking considering Double or Nothing is on May 25. 

Watch the video below.