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James Storm — Caught in Korean Missile Crisis

Former TNA Wrestling star James Storm was recently caught in the middle of an armed clash between troops from North and South Korea — but the wrestler was oblivious to the whole thing!

Colt Cabana — Slip ‘N Slide Revenge (VIDEO)

Scotland may be cold right now, but that didn’t stop Colt Cabana and Grado from using a slip ‘n slide during their match in Edinburgh Saturday night — and the video is hilarious!

Details on Ric Flair’s Upcoming Surgery

Ric Flair is scheduled for surgery next week … but not to remove a colostomy bag technically, as initially reported — this according to his fiancé, Wendy Barlow.

Goldust Celebrates Ten Years of Sobriety

Goldust‘s Hall of Fame worthy career is packed with accolades and accomplishments — but perhaps none is more impressive than marking ten years of sobriety this weekend.