WATCH: All Elite Wrestling Rally Outside of TIAA Bank Field

all elite wrestling rally watch livestream

Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and more kicked off the launch of All Elite Wrestling today during a rally outside of TIAA Bank Field — watch the livestream below. 

What AEW announced during the rally:

  • Tony Khan was confirmed as President of AEW
  • Billy Gunn was announced as the company’s first backstage producer
  • SoCal Uncensored confirm our report from yesterday, they’ve signed deals with AEW
  • Cody took the stage next and began talking about the pay for wrestlers. Says they’re going to change the wrestling economy and make sure the wrestlers get paid properly. 
  • Rhodes says wins and losses will matter in AEW more than they ever have before.
  • Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson take the stage next. Matt says the company will be welcoming to all. “If you’re an Elite athlete, we want you.”
  • Heavily hypes an agreement the company made with OWE, a company from China with wrestling that fans in America have never really seen before. 
  • “Double or Nothing” will take place May 25th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas
  • Brandi Rhodes takes the stage next. Says they want to have a strong women’s division with the best female wrestlers in the world. “We care about our women, they are top talent. They will be paid equally. There’s no sliding scale.
  • Britt Baker’s signing was then confirmed and she took the stage. 
  • Conrad Thompson returns to the stage next and is interrupted by MJF. 
  • Before MJF can announce anything, he’s interrupted by the Jaguars mascot. The two have a confrontation which ends with Joey Janela hitting him from behind. Joey and Penelope Ford take the stage to confirm they’re “All Elite.”
  • Hangman Page takes the stage next. Says he’s happy to not having a corporate overlord telling him how to play his music going forward. “My boss is you.” 
  • Page says he’ll be the first All Elite Wrestling Champion …. THEN HE’S INTERRUPTED BY PAC!!
  • PAC says he’s “All Elite”
  • Cody and The Bucks return to the stage to say they’ll be running a show in Jacksonville, Florida. But no details were given on when. 
  • Chris Jericho takes the stage next and says he’s “All In with All Elite Wrestling”
  • The rally ends with lots of fireworks.