Alexa Bliss Talks About Victory to Become First Winner of Raw and SD Live Women’s Titles (VIDEO)

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Alexa Bliss just became the first person to win the Women’s Championship on both Raw and Smackdown Live — and the new champ celebrated in true cocky fashion after her victory.

Bliss appeared on Raw Talk to discuss her Payback win over Bayley for the title and said, “Tonight I faced Bayley, the woman who went into WrestleMania and defeated the three most dominant women in the industry, and I defeated her in a hostile enviroment.”

Adding, “I was scared, but I did exactly what I said I was gonna do. I was gonna put an end to Bayley’s fairytale story, ya know. The clock struck midnight and it was time to crown a new champion.”

Watch the clip below and sound off in the comments about Bliss’ record-setting win.