Nia Jax — Leave of Absence Reasoning Confirmed by Alexa Bliss

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Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss took part in an interview today and revealed the reason for her good friend Nia Jax‘s sudden break from the road.

Bliss told the NY Post that she’s spoken with Nia about her decision to take time off and noted that it’s due to her body being tired from life on the road.

She explained, “Whatever she is going through, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a leave of absence. She’s taking some time off because our schedule is very grueling. It’s very, very demanding. There are times where you are run down and your body can’t do it anymore and you get sick or you get injured from it and you get tired.”

For clarification, a leave of absence IS the correct wording. It means approved time off from work.

Bliss continued, “So, I feel like everyone needs a reset every once in a while. In NXT I took a few resets and it was never like public knowledge, but we all need them. We all take them once in a while. I am happy when she comes back. I feel like everyone needs that refresher week or refresher moment.”

Case closed.

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  1. Interesting. Well, now is the time to take a break. From here until December, it is an off season of sorts for the WWE. They don’t go full fledge in producing must see programming as evident by reuniting the Shield right now. They crank it up in January with the Rumble and the road to wrestlemania starts.

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