Alex Reyes — NXT Announcer Released … Believes Love For Wrestling Was Partly to Blame

Alex Reyes released wwe fired announcer nxt

Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed NXT announcer Alex Reyes was released this morning … and sources tell us he believes his love for wrestling was partly to blame.

Reyes was informed of his release Wednesday morning — as first reported by PWInsider — and we’re told the interviewer has his suspicions for the reason why.

Sources close to Reyes tell us the NXT personality believes that he, Rich Brennan and Kyle Edwards were all hired because of their passion for the business — but something changed in 2016, all 3 saw their roles reduced, and he thinks their lifelong fandom was the cause.

Our sources didn’t indicate any specific instances where this may have been the case, but it’s well known that the company tends to frown against hiring die-hard wrestling fans.

As we previously reported, Brennan got released last month and was blindsided by the move. Days later, Edwards departed from WWE with no reported reason. In multiple interviews, the 3 announcers had previously said working for WWE was their dream gig.

Alex Reyes began working for WWE in November 2015 and served as both a backstage interviewer and live event host. Prior to joining the company, he worked with Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling.

His exit comes on the heels of several other releases earlier this month — including wrestlers Damien Sandow, Hornswoggle, Santino Marella and Alex Riley.

No official word from Reyes yet, just a simple tweet reading “#ThankYou.”