Aleister Black Discusses Building His Character and Recent Door Vignettes

aleister black wwe character room backstage

WWE star Aleister Black says he’s put some deep thought into his character and the motivation behind his recent door vignettes — both of which he explained in a recent interview.

Black and Zelina Vega were guests on the latest SwerveCity podcast and talked about what goes into building a character.

Aleister says when coming up with the music prior to debuting in NXT, he wrote down what his character was — similar to method actors preparing for a role — and to this day, when he learns something new about the wrestler he portrays on television, he adds it to the book.

“My character is not just something that I think is a character … Aleister Black is also a very social statement. And there’s a lot to Aleister Black that I don’t explain to an audience, but will do eventually,” he added. “I think, as a wrestler, you need to be able to defend your psychology and you need to be able to defend your character. And you need to be able to explain your psychology and character.”

As for the backstage segments in which he is asking for a Superstar to call him out, Aleister says the point is to show he wants to be put out of his misery. “This whole pursuit of me wanting people to fight me is because I want someone to end me. That’s this whole narrative. End me. Do it! Pull the trigger on me! Do it!”

Black further elaborated on the motivation behind his character, saying: 

“It’s a metaphorical idea … but the idea that I’ve always had with Aleister Black in terms of a social statement is that I know what I look like. I know how I talk …”

“I’m trying to evoke a response from you and the second I see you judging me for what I look like, or what I’m trying to do, that tells me something about you as a human being. By your reaction on me, I understand what type of person you are. And that’s how I designed Aleister Black.”

“I either want you to be judgmental as hell … or I want you to be comfortable.”

Watch the full interview below (this portion begins around 36 minutes into the convo).