Alberto El Patron Periscopes Drunken Rant Alongside Paige About Ex-Boss With a ‘Big Nose’ (VIDEO)

livestream periscope alberto el patron del rio paige video triple big nose

The truth always comes out when you’re drunk … which is why Alberto El Patron was an open book Thursday night via livestream, and he didn’t pull any punches.

The Impact Wrestling star posted a long video on social media with his fiancee Paige in tow and it featured a plethora of angry comments which appeared to be directed towards Triple H.

Some of the highlights:

  • Alberto admits “Yes, I’m a little bit drunk. You know that’s when the good stuff comes!”
  • Claims he and Paige are getting married in June.
  • Thanks all of their supporters, then says he “doesn’t give a f*ck” if people support him or not.
  • Angrily explains that people who talk crap behind a keyboard remind him of “one of the bosses in WWE with a big f*ckin’ nose who’s a big f*cking p*ssy.”
  • Claims Paige isn’t coming back to wrestling until he says she can, then randomly says she’s not coming back because she’s pregnant … though both seem to be a joke.
  • Mentions they’re close to WWE Headqaurters in Stamford, Connecticut “where all the p*ssies live” and that he could go to someone’s door and say “hey, big nose with the small d*ck.”

Paige attempts to shut down the Periscope session throughout, but gets denied every time.

Watch the video below.