Alberto El Patron Claims He No-Showed Impact Event Due to ‘Family Situation’

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Alberto El Patron was fired from Impact Wrestling for no-showing an event during WrestleMania weekend, but the wrestler claims he wasn’t there due to a “family situation.”

Patron spoke with Sporting News and said the following about his non-appearance:

“I had a family situation that I needed to attend (to). As you know, my family, my kids are my priority. The situation was involving them and that’s why I decided to take care of business and take care of my family situation. And that’s all that happened. And that comes to what I was just saying to you. I know people wanted to know absolutely everything. This only concerns my family: my parents, my sister, myself and my kids. And that’s the way it’s going to stay.”

In addition, Alberto says he plans to continue wrestling in Mexico before retiring next year.

We’ve made multiple attempts to reach Impact for further comment on the reason for Alberto’s release and no-show at the Impact vs. Lucha Underground event … but have yet to hear back.

We’ll keep you updated if that changes.