Alberto Del Rio — Involved in Bitter Divorce Battle … Accused of Committing Adultery

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Suspended WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio is being called a cheater in a nasty divorce battle between he and his wife … but the wrestler has responded saying that’s just not true.

Pro Wrestling Sheet obtained court documents filed at the end of June by Del Rio’s wife Angela Velkei which state their marriage ended May 27th, 2016 due to adultery. Discord or conflict within the marriage is cited as well.

Velkei’s attorneys Raymond Rafool and Richard Orsinger are also asking for a judge to issue a restraining order that would limit contact between their client and the former WWE champ.

While it’s not specifically mentioned, the listed break-up date is just two weeks after ADR and Paige went public with their relationship — when many people had no idea he was still married — and our sources say this wasn’t a coincidence.

Alberto is telling a different story though. In documents filed last week, the wrestler claims their relationship ended in June ’15 and it was because Angela was “guilty of cruel treatment” towards him.

According to Del Rio’s lawyers, the couple were married in Mexico … so he filed for divorce there last month. Because of that, they believe that country should have “dominant jurisdiction over the proceedings.” They also request that his wife undergo a psych evaluation.

Both sides want full custody of their children, as well as ownership of their house and her car.

A judge has yet to make a formal decision.

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  1. Guess we know why those instagram pictures from a while ago got deleted.

  2. Drinking the Kool Aid | August 22, 2016 at 4:39 pm | Reply

    This is some TMZ style dirt sheet journalism here. Shameful. Once a trash can digger, always a trash can digger.

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