Alberto Del Rio — Austrian Police Confirm Arrest Details, Released With No Charges

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Authorities in Austria tell Pro Wrestling Sheet that Alberto Del Rio was temporarily arrested on Friday night for getting into a bar fight … however, he was later released with zero charges.

A police spokesperson says the incident is still under investigation, so they couldn’t name names, but confirmed that two brothers — 39 & 30 years of age who are Mexican citizens — got into a fight with a 26 year old Austrian man, which they believe was over his ethnicity.

We’re told the Austrian man was beaten bad enough to require a trip to the hospital in an ambulance.

The brothers were questioned at the police station, but the two implicated each other and it caused a fight between them that ended with ADR hurting his brother El Hijo De Dos Caras. They also claim that blood needed to be cleaned from the walls of the police station.

Police say the two were then released with no charges, though they’ll likely face a lawsuit.

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