AJ Styles Challenges Undertaker to a “Boneyard Match” at WrestleMania

wwe wrestlemania aj styles undertaker boneyard match

WrestleMania is set to feature matches taking place outside of the Performance Center next month and it seems like the first was mentioned tonight on Raw for AJ Styles vs. Undertaker.

It all went down during an AJ Styles promo that began with the wrestler talking about how Undertaker has become a “gothic version of the Tiger King” who is a shell of his former self.

Styles then said he wants to bring the old Undertaker from yesteryear back and challenged the wrestling legend to something called a “Boneyard match.”

WrestleMania’s two-night event this year will not only be filmed at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, but also unknown off-site locations. While not much is known about what this gimmick match entails, Styles said he wants to bury The Undertaker once and for all when they face each other.