AJ Styles: I’m Not a Flat-Earther, But There Are Some Interesting Theories In It

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AJ Styles is often accused of being a flat-earther, but the WWE Intercontinental champ swears he just thinks there are some interesting theories in the discussion.

Styles was asked for his opinion on conspiracy theories last night during his first Twitch stream and immediately brought up Randy Orton always calling attention to him being a flat earther.

“The whole flat earth thing, I’m with you guys. Randy Orton likes to be a turd, should I say. And so he keeps saying stuff,” he said. “I’m like c’mon! There are some interesting things that come up. And I was like, ‘wow, that’s interesting.’ You know? But it was never, ‘IT’S FLAT! IT’S FLAT! YOU’RE GONNA FALL!’ It’s never been like that. Just because I said it’s interesting, I’m now a flat-earther?!?”

His co-host then went on to explain how AJ has talked to him about these theories, but never did he say he actually thought the earth was flat.

“Here’s the thing about theories, there’s some interesting things! And that’s when I go, ‘Well, that’s … have you ever heard this,'” AJ added. “There’s a lot of interesting theories. JFK, 9/11, like … that’s interesting. You know?”

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Watch the flat-earth clip below.