AJ Styles Explains Why Gillette ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Commercial Angered Him (VIDEO)

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Count AJ Styles as one of the people unhappy about Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” advertisement … and he explained why in a new interview. 

Styles was a guest on Louder with Crowder — a show on BlazeTV.com hosted by political commentator Steven Crowder — and the topic of Gillette’s polarizing commercial came up.

For those who haven’t seen it, WATCH HERE for context.  

“When I watched the commercial I was trying to understand who they were talking to,” Styles questioned. “I have a wife, and a daughter … and 3 boys … but, I think about my daughter. So I had to find out what this was. What was so toxic. And apparently, from what I’m understanding, it was just … being mean to women?” 

AJ and host Steven Crowder then griped about how the idea of toxic masculinity is hard to follow, as Styles added: “I just didn’t know who they were talking to and it kinda made me angry.”

“I feel like my job as a man is to take care of women,” the WWE star continued. “I’m gonna stand up for my wife. I’m supposed to be a provider. I’m gonna take care of her. I’m gonna protect her. Same thing with my daughter. She’s only 4, but as she gets older she’s gonna want to date. I expect this guy to come over, pick my daughter up, open the door for her. Things I think a man should do.”

Then, to prove a point about obscene “locker room talk” being overblown, the host asked AJ if the conversation of rape is ever brought up in the WWE locker room. Styles obviously answers no. 

The topic of the Gillette commercial was touched upon once again later in the interview. Styles pointed to one part of the ad where a boss puts his hands on a female employee’s shoulder and corrects what she’s saying. “Well what did she say before?! Maybe he’s sticking up for her? Maybe she did say something that was wrong …”

“I didn’t even know about this toxic stuff going on,” AJ additionally explained. “I’m a man. I’ve got testosterone going through my body. We are different than women. It’s just the way it is and some men will never change.”

The full interview can be seen on BlazeTV.com’s pay site. 

Watch a clip below.