Aiden English Wanted to Bring “Theatre Fans & Cultured People” to WWE by Acting in Plays

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Aiden English was known as the “Drama King” in WWE, but it turns out the wrestler actually wanted to act in theatre as well while with the company to attract new fans.

English, real name Matt Rehwoldt, told reporter Donagh Corby in a new interview that he had grand stage aspirations for his character while working for WWE.

“I wanted to see if I could work something out, especially when I was doing Drama King. Like, ‘hey, let me take six weeks off, do a play in New York or something’ and have [WWE] dot com follow me around as I rehearsed and did the show.”

Rehwoldt, who has an extensive performing arts background that includes a B.A. in acting from Columbia College in Chicago, additionally spoke about how he saw an opportunity to bring those two worlds together. “We could appeal to theatre fans and cultured people,” he explained. “You want to get more cultured people watching wrestling? Let’s do this little crossover thing.”

Since his release from WWE on April 15th, Rehwoldt says he’s taken the opportunity to get back to his roots by meeting with agents about potential film/TV projects.

Watch the interview clip below.

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