The Elite Parodies “Toy Story” On BTE Halloween Special

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The Elite paid tribute to the opening scene of Pixar’s 1995 animated classic “Toy Story” on a special Halloween edition of Being The Elite.

In the cartoon intro for the episode, a toy version of Kenny Omega holds toy versions of the AEW roster hostage and demands five stars from a toy version of Dave Meltzer.

Eventually Hangman Page arrives on the scene ala Woody to rescue his colleagues. Cody and Pharaoh appear to support the villainous Omega toy, with Pharaoh spoofing Toy Story’s Slinky Dog.

Hangman is eventually able to capture Omega with the help of Luchasauras and save the roster.

The intro ends when the real Adam Page wakes up, revealing the animated scene had been nothing more than a figment of his imagination … even though he’s a wearing a “BTE Story” t-shirt that resembles the Toy Story logo.

Check out the BTE Halloween episode below.