AEW Spoofs Retro WCW Halloween Skit

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AEW paid homage to early ’90s WCW by parodying the spooky intro video for Halloween Havoc ’93.

In the original 1993 video, a fresh-faced Tony Schiavone scares the crap out of a group of young trick-or-treaters. AEW’s parody is pretty much the same concept, only Tony is 26 years older and the young trick-or-treaters have been replaced with old trick-or-treaters … oh, and Tony is married to former WWE ring announcer Dasha Fuentes (for some reason).

The video ends with Tony successfully scaring the candy-seekers away from his porch with a zebra mask. “Little sh*ts are too old to be trick-or-treating anyway,” he says, before being frightened by his “wife” who’s wearing a horse mask.

Watch the WCW spoof video below.