WATCH: Puppy Penelope Ford and MJF Win AEW’s First Puppy Battle Royales

aew puppy battle royale video youtube

AEW’s first men and women’s Puppy Battle Royale matches aired on YouTube tonight and they were just as adorable as they sound.

The rules of the match were simple: 

  • A puppy is eliminated when all four paws touch the floor 
  • Puppies are also eliminated from the match if they pee or poop in the ring
  • Last puppy in the ring at the end wins 

As for the match itself, cute puppies named after AEW wrestlers were shown entering the match in intervals and interacting in the miniature ring with each other. The wrestlers they were named after cheered on their puppy counterparts in a video at the bottom of the screen.

Cody Rhodes’ dog Pharaoh was also the special enforcer.

AEW’s Puppy Battle Royale was done in conjunction with Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, a non-profit dog & cat rescue in greater Atlanta.

Watch the whole thing below.