Official AEW Podcast Launching this Week

aew unrestricted all elite wrestling podcast tony schiavone aubrey edwards

AEW is launching an official podcast hosted by Tony Schiavone and referee Aubrey Edwards.

The podcast is called AEW Unrestricted and the description explains:

What does it take to be All-Elite? Dig in with the stars and talented team behind AEW on TNT via in-depth conversations highlighting their lives, pop culture, and pro wrestling. AEW referee Aubrey Edwards and broadcaster Tony Schiavone bring you new episodes every Thursday… beginning February 20, 2020!

As we previously reported, the AEW podcast was first mentioned by TNT during a recent upfront for advertisers. At the time, it was said Brandi Rhodes would be hosting the show, but sources say that was a mixup by the network. 

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