AEW: Dynamite Audio Issues Explained

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Last week’s episode of AEW: Dynamite suffered audio issues during the broadcast and Nick Jackson explained what happened on the latest “Being the Elite.”

As usual, The Elite dropped a new episode of their weekly show on Monday titled “Sprint.”

One of the scenes shows Nick, Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega backstage after Dynamite reflecting on what they did during the taping – including the The Young Bucks tagging with Dustin Rhodes against Inner Circle in the opening match.

“As soon as we get to the back, I get a bunch of complaints, people texting me saying that the audio was bad on the TNT episode for our match,” Matt Jackson stated. “It’s a downer for me cause it’s like, we just went out and killed it. This is one of the hottest crowds we’ve ever performed in front of.”

“I’ll address the issue right now cause I found out,” Nick Jackson added. “Satellites in Atlanta actually were out and they had a big problem with the whole TNT network.”

In case you missed it … the audio during the broadcast was sometimes off and the crowd almost sounded muted, particularly during the six-man tag match. This only affected TNT’s broadcast. “It just sucks because it’s something we can’t control. We can’t control it while we’re out there in the ring, we just have to have our best match,” Matt Jackson further stated in the video. 

Kenny Omega added, “You want the people at home to feel the same kind of energy the crowd did, but it just doesn’t translate to TV with bad audio.”

Watch this week’s episode of Being the Elite below.