Adam Rose — Responds to Suspension … I DID NOT Knowingly Violate Wellness Policy!

Adam Rose responds suspension wwe wrestling

WWE Superstar Adam Rose says he did NOT knowingly violate the company’s Wellness Policy … claiming he plans to release evidence from his doctor soon that will prove he was wrongly suspended.

Rose tweeted, “I can say right now I did not do anything knowingly wrong and was taking prescribed medication that my Dr and I followed all the correct protocol on.”

The 36 year-old wrestler adds, “My actual response and Doctors response will be coming soon. So before you judge, know the facts.”

Adam says he felt the need to clear things up due to his sister’s life long battle with heroin and because he knows his two sons will read about his suspension one day on the internet.

Rose also explains, “I have zero anger or animosity against the WWE. But feel the administrators over the WWE Wellness policy were just simply not right in taking this action. But I feel facts are the facts and my family and I will will be the ones putting our lives back together after this mess.”