Adam Rose — Sister Dies From Heart Attack … Donation Page Started for Niece

adam rose sister dies dead heart attack donation page niece

A donation page has been launched for the niece of WWE Superstar Adam Rose … after his sister tragically passed away in her sleep last week.

Rose’s sister Michelle suffered a heart attack last Tuesday — leaving behind a 7 year-old daughter named Daniella, who the family fears will need immense financial support in the wake of this tragedy.

The GoFundMe page explains, “Our family is devastated and heart-broken at the loss of our sister, mother and daughter but our focus turns to her only daughter Daniella who lives in Krugersdorp, South Africa and now faces an uncertain and bleak future. She now has no parents and as her family come together during this difficult time, our initial concern is financial as her mother was the only bread winner in the household.”

The 36 year-old wrestler travelled home following his sister’s passing, and on Twitter said it was the first time he’d been back to South Africa in 5 years.

The family says Adam’s niece will need help with daily expenses and travel costs to be with family, as well as legal and education payments … adding, “Please help us ensure that we make something beautiful and something good of Daniella’s life.”