Adam Rose — Released From Behind Bars … Following Domestic Dispute Arrest

Adam Rose Released jail wrestling wwe domestic dispute violence

Indefinitely suspended WWE Superstar Adam Rose has been released from jail … Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed.

As we previously reported, Rose was booked Wednesday morning after authorities say he grabbed his wife by the face during an argument and yanked a phone away when she attempted to call 911.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff, Adam was released from custody at 4:10 PM EST.

TMZ reports that the wrestler met with a judge Thursday morning, but his wife begged the court to not slap a restraining order on her husband because she wants him to come home.

Adam’s wife said their special needs child requires the attention of both parents and his lawyer argued that the actions weren’t aggressive or painful. The judge held off on issuing a restraining order.

Rose was indefinitely suspended by WWE yesterday due to their zero tolerance policy — and it seems like the company is just waiting for an official judgement before making any further decisions. If his wife refuses to press charges though, the indefinite suspension could be lifted.