Adam Rose — Releases Note From Doctor, Claims Suspension Was Over Prescribed Adderall

Adam Rose wwe wrestling suspended denial

The doctor’s note Adam Rose says will prove his innocence has just been released via Twitter … and it contains a line from his physician saying he’s strictly been taking prescribed Adderall for ADHD.

The letter is dated a few days after the suspension last month and states, “I am writing this letter on behalf of Adam Rose (Ray Leppan – D.O.B. 7/20/79) whom I have treated since 4/30/15. He has basic signs and symptoms of ADHD determined through a very thorough psychiatric exam on 4/30/15.”

Sources tell us Rose informed the company about his diagnosis last year and everything had been fine … but without explanation, things changed and he was suspended following a random Wellness check.

The letter also states, “He takes Adderall XR, which is an FDA approved treatment for ADHD, and we have followed all the standard of care protocols during his treatment, which has gone very well.  He takes his medications as prescribed and he is compliant with my treatment recommendations.”

No official response from WWE has been released at this point.