Adam Page Receives Medical Attention After Fight for the Fallen Attack (VIDEO)

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Chris Jericho left a mark on Adam Page at AEW’s Fight for the Fallen and Being the Elite this week shows “Hangman” receiving medical attention afterward.

In case you missed it, the attack went down after Page defeated Kip Sabian. Jericho (wearing a Dark Order creeper mask) clotheslined his ALL OUT opponent when the match was over and rained down kicks/punches on Hangman’s head.

Jericho also hit a Codebreaker on Page before revealing himself to the crowd.

On the latest Being the Elite titled “Backstage at Fight for the Fallen,” Hangman is shown being tended to by AEW’s medical staff and being told he’ll need stitches. The damage looks pretty brutal. 

Jericho also posted a photo of the results of his attack today on social media. 

Page and Jericho are set to do battle on August 31 at ALL OUT. 

Watch this week’s BTE below.