Adam Page Hypes All Out Match, Says Jericho is “Physically Desperate” For AEW Title

adam page chris jericho all out video interview

“Hangman” Adam Page hyped his upcoming AEW World title match at All Out by talking about Chris Jericho and what the veteran wrestler is willing to do to win.

The latest episode of Road to All Out features Page in a sit-down interview with AEW announcer Jim Ross. During the conversation, JR talks about Jericho’s lack of weaknesses and Page agrees that his upcoming opponent is pretty flawless. 

However, Hangman believes Y2J showed one of his weaknesses at Fight for the Fallen. 

“The one weakness that he has is something that he showed me just a month or two ago. It’s how physically desperate he is for the championship in this moment,” Page explained. 

As you’ll recall, Jericho’s attack on Page caused him to bleed heavily and required stitches. 

“I listened to him in Jacksonville,” Page continued. “He said he wanted to beat the ‘Hangman.’ He wanted to be the first All Elite Wrestling World Champion. I don’t want this. I need it. I’ve said it since day one that I would be the first All Elite Wrestling World Champion.”

He also added, “If I lose this, what am I going to do? Go back to the tobacco farm? Live there? This is what I’ve got. This is my opportunity. If Jericho loses, he can make another Fozzy record. He’ll be fine on his AEW contract. This is my opportunity. It is the only opportunity I might get.” 

Jericho and Hangman will face-off on August 31 at the Sears Centre LIVE on pay-per-view. 

Watch episode 7 of “Road to All Out” below.