WATCH: Adam Cole Storms Out of Interview With Pat McAfee After Dropping Multiple F-Bombs

pat mcafee adam cole blow up storm off interview video

Former NXT champ Adam Cole stormed out of an interview with Pat McAfee today. And while it’s unclear if this was a work or not, Cole dropped multiple f-bombs during the blowup.

It all went down on the Pat McAfee Show on Thursday where Adam was revealed as a surprise guest. As you may recall, the two have been taking jabs at each other since McAfee first started appearing in NXT back in 2018 when he helped Aleister Black win a match at a live event.

During the interview … things start to get tense after Pat says Cole is nowhere near HBK when it comes to people comparing them, but that it has to feel good since he has respect for Shawn.

Cole laughs at the way the question was worded and says he plans to be the first Adam Cole, not the second coming of Shawn Michaels. Pat says he wasn’t trying to offend since Adam looked annoyed, to which the WWE star replies, “You can say you’re not trying to offend me, but it is offensive what you are saying.”

McAfee continues to poke at Cole after this as he says Michaels was able to make his name by himself, whereas Adam has always had Undisputed Era by his side in NXT. He also calls the other members of Undisputed Era more talented.

“I know that you’re just trying to do your job and that’s fine. I took some time out of visiting my family to come and do your show, but you’re being a total dick right now,” Cole says back.

“And I find it so ironic, that of all people to say that I surrounded myself with really great talent and that’s the reason I succeeded, of all people you? What, a punter? You being on a team that literally did everything,” he continues. “You just happened to kick a football every now and then. And all of a sudden you feel like you’re really, really important. Of all people to say that to me. That I surround myself with super talented people and that’s the only reason that I was successful. You’re a psycho.”

McAfee responds by saying he was the player of the decade in his position in the NFL. He also points out how Cole retained his title many times due to interference from the UE and calls the wrestler “kind of small.”

This set Cole off causing him to shove the microphone to the ground. He then gets up and says, “F*ck you, Pat! Seriously. I’m sick of your shit! I come all the way here. Take time away from my family to come to do your stupid f*cking show and you’re going to continue to disrespect me!”

Someone from the show attempts to intervene and Cole shoves them away saying don’t touch me, then says “f*ck you” one more time before storming off.

McAfee responds by saying “No, f*ck you! Get out of here!” 

Pat tweeted afterward writing, “I obviously never mean to disrespect anybody but, f*ck that guy. There’s no way that’s how an ADULT human should act. I pride our show on being a positive, good time having, upbeat show & he will never be invited back.”

The blowup starts around 2 hours and 7 minutes into the video below.