Adam Cole Says Goodbye to Ring of Honor (VIDEO)

adam cole roh goodbye ring of honor video

Adam Cole wrestled what may have been his last Ring of Honor show on Sunday — and the former champ had a few words to say to the audience before his departure.

After losing in a street fight to his Bullet Club replacement Marty Scurll at War of the Worlds Philadelphia, Cole addressed the audience and thanked them for their support over the years.

“The love and respect that each and every one of you have shown me is the reason I can stand before you here today nine years a pro wrestler, three times a world champion, traveling the globe because you guys thought I was good enough.”

He then said ROH made him want to be a wrestler in the first place and will always be his home.

The wrestler finished his speech by wishing his mom a Happy Mother’s Day and leading the crowd in one final “ADAM COLE BAYBAY!”

Watch the video of Cole’s goodbye below and enjoy wildly speculating about where he’ll end up next.