Adam Blampied Admits to Manipulating Women for Nude Photos, Taking Leave of Absence from Cultaholics

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A woman has come forward saying ex-What Culture personality Adam Blampied manipulated her into sending nude photos and now he’s taking a leave of absence from Cultaholics.

Blampied posted his statement on Twitter shortly before the woman spoke out and said he’d be taking a “short” leave to deal with some personal issues.

Adding, “I wanted to make this situation public for reasons that will become clear. I want to publicly apologize for actions in my private life over the past few years: I have falsely claimed to several woman via social media that I was in an open relationship with my girlfriend as a means to repeatedly message them and encourage them to send me images of themselves.”

Adam claims he didn’t make threats or offer perks in exchange, but he did exploit his public position by manipulating women in this manner.

Not long after his statement was posted, a woman on Twitter published a lengthy telling of her experience with Blampied (along with photo proof) and it details how he drunkenly asked her for topless photos after admitting he had a girlfriend who wouldn’t approve.

She continued, “Knowing that I was 19, drunk, sexually inexperienced and had moral objections to sending him nudes, he continued to try to persuade me. In the end, I relented. I don’t feel good about my actions. I wish I had had the self-control to not do it, but I’d never really had that kind of attention from a man before, especially not someone like Blampied. He was charming, he was the face of a YouTube channel and I’d been a fan of him for awhile.”

The woman admits the whole situation messed with her mental health and she has since learned he’s done the same thing to other women as well, which contributed to her making this public.

As we previously reported, Adam is the Head of Creative at Cultaholics — the new venture from the core group of personalities who recently left What Culture. During his time away, Blampied says he’ll be focusing on getting profesional help and coming to terms with the choices he’s made.

Read both statements below.