Adam Blampied Admits to Manipulating Women for Nude Photos, Taking Leave of Absence from Cultaholics

adam blampied leave absence manipulating women nude photos cultaholics

A woman has come forward saying ex-What Culture personality Adam Blampied manipulated her into sending nude photos and now he’s taking a leave of absence from Cultaholics.

Blampied posted his statement on Twitter shortly before the woman spoke out and said he’d be taking a “short” leave to deal with some personal issues.

Adding, “I wanted to make this situation public for reasons that will become clear. I want to publicly apologize for actions in my private life over the past few years: I have falsely claimed to several woman via social media that I was in an open relationship with my girlfriend as a means to repeatedly message them and encourage them to send me images of themselves.”

Adam claims he didn’t make threats or offer perks in exchange, but he did exploit his public position by manipulating women in this manner.

Not long after his statement was posted, a woman on Twitter published a lengthy telling of her experience with Blampied (along with photo proof) and it details how he drunkenly asked her for topless photos after admitting he had a girlfriend who wouldn’t approve.

She continued, “Knowing that I was 19, drunk, sexually inexperienced and had moral objections to sending him nudes, he continued to try to persuade me. In the end, I relented. I don’t feel good about my actions. I wish I had had the self-control to not do it, but I’d never really had that kind of attention from a man before, especially not someone like Blampied. He was charming, he was the face of a YouTube channel and I’d been a fan of him for awhile.”

The woman admits the whole situation messed with her mental health and she has since learned he’s done the same thing to other women as well, which contributed to her making this public.

As we previously reported, Adam is the Head of Creative at Cultaholics — the new venture from the core group of personalities who recently left What Culture. During his time away, Blampied says he’ll be focusing on getting profesional help and coming to terms with the choices he’s made.

Read both statements below.

25 Comments on "Adam Blampied Admits to Manipulating Women for Nude Photos, Taking Leave of Absence from Cultaholics"

  1. Mary Donna Olade | October 25, 2017 at 10:37 pm | Reply

    Horse faced wanker what just happened ?

  2. Anthony Missionary Thomas | October 26, 2017 at 5:27 am | Reply

    This is a joke. This woman is clearly suffering only from lack of attention. What a garbage human being to even attempt to categorize herself as a victim along with those who have been sexually harassed, molested, raped, or worse. This woman is conjuring up delusions of the truth between Adam and herself (if you read her txt messages back and forth she put up alot of laughing and smiley emoticons for someone who paints herself as petrified due to lack of experience and was clearly flirting back with him).
    Asking an consenting adult for adult pics is NOT harassment especially when he apologized and broke engagement with her after the fact. This woman is very close to being legally liable for her slander against Adam for painting him as a sexual predator.

    • Using your celebrity to manipulate women into sexual acts, is exactly what Harvey Weinstein was doing

      • No this doesnt compare to Weinstein.

      • Not even close. Weinstein outright threatened careers and he forced women to view him doing things. In contrast Blampied flirted with some girls online and asked for pics. There’s been no evidence of harrasment, nor any abuse of power.

      • um no. There is a massive difference. Weinstein was physically assaulting women, touching them without permission, threatening to harm their career, etc. This guy was drunkenly asking women he didn’t know for tit pics.

  3. We’ve come a long way, pestering another consenting adult for topless pics via text makes you a “sexual predator”. Just another fame whore desperate for her 5 minutes in the sun.

    Kudos to Adam for getting ahead of the story and giving the Twittersphere it’s apology so he can get on with it.

    • So not only do you not understand what being sexual predator is, but you attack the victims.

      See a therapist, before it’s too late

  4. ☆ Cyborgwolf ☆ | October 26, 2017 at 8:52 am | Reply

    Was he a dick to his girlfriend? Yes
    Is it in any way an assault, harassment or rape? No
    It’s personal, he was unfaithful to his gf & that’s bad but it shouldn’t be in public

  5. WhatCulture? Why am I not surprised.

  6. Wait, he drunkenly begged some girl to show him her tits, and this makes him a sex predator? lol gimme a break. He should apologize to his girlfriend and stop grovelling to the public. What an idiot.

  7. of course he’s a sexual predator. Using your fame, to manipulate random women into sexual acts. How else would you describe it.

    I’m sure he’d be doing a lot more, if he was more famous, and could get away with it

    • i would describe it as being a typical male in the 21st century. Do you honestly think only celebrities convince women to expose themselves online? Get a clue.

    • Why does it matter if he’s a celebrity? I don’t see why that character trait makes worse than a handsome man or a rich one manipulating someone. Is the charming guy at the bar who picks up a girl, has sex, then never calls her afterwards also a sexual predator?

      • Yes, exactly this. Somehow people equate having celebrity status with having some sort of social authority, but that status exists entirely in the minds of fans.
        By the same sort of rationale, Rick Flair should be a monster!

        • Wilt Chamberlain is in fact satan by these terms lol

        • There was a Jimmy Carr bit where someone says to him something along the lines of ‘your girlfriend only dates you because you’re a celebrity’ and Carr just says ‘yup, I am a celebrity.’

          Any character trait can be seen as desirable and there’s no realistic difference between money, looks, fame, or personality.

  8. so can we see the photos?
    As far as im concerned he didnt really do anything wrong. she is an adult and she wilingly showed the nude photos.

  9. Cultaholics reportedly canned Blampied. So much for being a man and owning your mistakes honestly

  10. Frankie4Fingers1983 | March 7, 2018 at 6:27 am | Reply

    im not a fan, but being fired for being a bad boyfriend and getting girls to sext with him is ridiculous. So women of legal age sent this dude pics of themselves and he is a predator? This girl was blackmailed, offered anything etc, but she is a victim? if she wasnt comfortable with it, she shouldnt have sent photos of herself. take a trip to reddit or tumblr and you’ll see thousands of photos young girls post themselves. people sending naked pics is not new, nor is it rare.

    What a world we live in.

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