ACH Speaks on WWE Exit And Online Outburst, “I Wish I Would Have Just Turned My Phone Off”

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Former NXT wrestler Jordan Myles aka ACH opened up about the online outburst that led to his exit from the company last year, saying he wishes he would’ve handled the situation differently.

As you’ll recall … the wrestler tweeted a photo of a shirt designed for his character that had similarities to blackface and Sambo imagery saying, “If this is [Vince McMahon] & [Triple H]’s “vision” of me then this is a slap in the face to EVERY African American performer, fan, and supporter.”

The situation continued to play out on social media over the next few weeks until the wrestler was quietly granted his release request in November.

During his first post-WWE interview since being released, ACH spoke with his friends at Submission Squad about the shirt drama that led to his exit. The wrestler said that prior to the release of the shirt he was told to smile more because “that’s a Vince thing,” so he did it in an over the top manner. 

Then the shirt got released and things went south fast.

“I was having the time of my life there. I really was. I enjoyed my time there. I really did. But then when they released that shirt, is when I got angry,” he said. “I made a lot of comments that I’m not gonna take back, because that’s just how I feel. Now, could I have said them a lot better? Absolutely. I said a lot of things out of anger. If I would’ve said those things a little bit more intelligently, and calmly, and came from a real place and not an angry place … I think it would’ve been ok.”

The reactions he’s referencing include a video ACH posted at the time where he said “WWE doesn’t care about black people” while flipping off the camera. 

“This ain’t just a couple of people laughing at you, or making fun of you, or talking about you, this is millions of people! Mocking you! You know what I mean? And I was angry. I was mad. And it just brought up a lot of sh*t, ROH stuff and everything. That’s just how it is,” ACH stated.

The wrestler went on to say he doesn’t hold a lot of grudges, but the shirt situation still doesn’t sit well with him because he felt like he was lied to. He also wasn’t happy with WWE publicly saying he approved the shirt design, when that wasn’t the case from his perspective. 

“I wish I could’ve did things differently. I wish I would have just turned my phone off and just kinda let things die down,” the 32-year-old continued. “I feel like I had people trying to tell me to use ‘mental issues,’ not as an excuse, but say that’s the thing. Your anxiety. Your depression. ‘You’re depressed right?! That’s why you’re out lashing.’ To help smooth things over. And it’s like, man, I’m not one of those people. I don’t come up with excuses for myself. I was angry. What was I gonna say? I was angry.”

“I’m not gonna go out and be like, ‘Sorry, guys, mental health issues.’ Because people deal with that stuff in serious ways. That’s a serious issue. I’m not gonna publicly say things like that to help smooth things over. That’s just not the type of person I am. I had a real life situation. I had a freaking meltdown in front of the entire world. That’s really what happened. I had a meltdown. I broke down in front of the entire world. The only thing is the people didn’t see me cry.”

Since his release, ACH has only wrestled a minimal amount of matches. He teased retirement, but during the interview said that was only done out of anger.

“I tweeted out so much stuff. I said so much stuff,” he added. “This sh*t it really sticks to me. It really does. It really gets to me. I went from working my dream job, providing for myself. I don’t like saying I was at the top of the world, but I was finally at a space in my life that I’ve worked for a very long time to where I was starting to feel comfortable. I was starting to feel like, ok, here’s an upswing. I gotta do these things and this things. And like I can do this, I can do that. I can get my life on track. Cause I’ve sacrificed a lot for pro wrestling, and I know pro wrestling doesn’t owe you anything back, and I don’t expect for it to give me anything back, but I’ve made a lot of sacrifices. And it’s like, damn, man. I neglected a lot of stuff because I put everything I had into this. And I’m not mad, I’m not upset, I’m ashamed of myself. I’m embarrassed. You know?”

“I know I embarrassed a lot of people. Most importantly, I embarrassed myself too. I’m just not used to this type of negativity. This type of attention. It f*cking sucks, man. Waking up angry for no reason, just mad at the world. And truth be told, it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. I’ll take the blame for this. It’s all my fault. I could have easily just put the phone down. I could have easily deleted my Twitter app like I normally do. I didn’t have to go on there and say all those things, but I chose to go on there and say all those things because I was angry. And I felt like I needed to get a lot of stuff off my chest. That’s just not the place to get stuff off your chest. Social media is just not the place.”

ACH ended this portion of the interview saying he tells himself all of this could either end up being the makings for a cool comeback, or a really bad ending to his story. He’s just not sure which one quite yet.

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