Abyss Impact Hall of Fame Ceremony Ends with Brawl Between Aries and Morrison (VIDEO)

abyss brawl impact hall of fame speech ceremony john morrison austin aries

Impact original Abyss was inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame on Saturday night  — but thanks to Austin Aries and John Morrison, it ended in chaos.

Abyss gave an emotional speech about his career at the event, which finished with lots of tears. The whole thing is worth watching and can be SEEN HERE.

When the speech was over, Aries walked to the podium and said a bunch of positive things about Abyss. That quickly changed, however, when Austin started talking about his heat with Morrison — aka Johnny Impact — and it turned into a brawl between the wrestlers.

Impact officials intervened, but it was a wild scene ahead of their Bound for Glory match tonight.

Check out the video below.