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Launched in October 2015, Pro Wrestling Sheet strives to report on the stories you actually care about in the world of professional wrestling — not the clickbait BS filling most news sites — while also posting fun videos and pictures from around the web throughout the week.

Founder and Editor in Chief Ryan Satin previously worked as a Senior Producer for TMZ.com where he helped the company become a force in wrestling reporting … largely in part to exclusive stories he landed on a constant basis.

Examples include:

Impact Wrestling‘s Spike TV cancellation

Hulk Hogan‘s fourth return to the WWE in 2014 after a 7 year absence

Rey Mysterio receiving his release from WWE in 2015

Ronda Rousey expressing interest in appearing at WrestleMania 31 (a year before the event)

… and many more!

Check out Ryan’s interview on The Steve Austin Show HERE — he goes further in depth about his reasons for launching the site and what we’re trying to accomplish.

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Senior News Producer James McKenna:

Former WWE shill. King of The Sheet minisode. Holds fast to the belief that Koko B. Ware is the most under-rated WWE superstar of all time. (@ChillHartman)

News Contributor Austin Kellerman:

Award-winning journalist who got his start in TV as an indie wrestling producer/writer. (@AKonWrestling)

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