58-Year-Old Keiji Mutoh Wins GHC Heavyweight Championship

Japanese pro-wrestling legend Keiji Mutoh made history by becoming the GHC Heavyweight Champion at NOAH’s Destination 2021 event.

The artist formerly known as The Great Muta defeated Go Shiozaki in the main event by catching him off guard with a sneaky pin following a hurricana.

The 58-year-old is only the third man in history to capture New Japan’s IWGP Heavyweight Championship, All Japan’s Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship, and NOAH’s GHC Heavyweight Championship.

“I know I am older now,” Mutoh said in a recent interview. “My knees and sore body bother me in daily life. However, when I am in the squared circle, I am back in my element. I feel alive.”

Prior to the bout, Mutoh’s opponent Go Shiozaki spoke of his pride at being able to get in the ring with one of the greats.

“I am honored to have this championship match with Mutoh,” Shiozaki said. “Mutoh is one-of-a-kind, the opponent where I can show what I know I am capable of accomplishing. This is very important for me.