Zelina Vega Discusses Importance of Pairing with Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas (VIDEO)

zelina vega andrade cien almas pairing interview importance help

The pairing of Zelina Vega and AndradeCienAlmas hasn’t just been a hit with wrestling fans, it’s also been a hit with Zelina herself — as the wrestler says Andrade is a huge help to her.

The duo were interviewed by the guys at Busted Open and in a video clip released online Vega gushes about what Almas has done to advance her in-ring skills.

“He’s helped me with — we talked about psychology and picking your spots and making things make sense,” she explained. “Especially for my size. I thought at some points, ‘Well, I can’t do any power moves. How can I do this?’ And he instantly comes up with, ‘Ok, let’s try this. Let’s use this to your advantage. Let’s not look at it as a disadvantage. Let’s look at it as an advantage and how we can use it against people.'”

Zelina and Andrade were first paired together on NXT in June ’17. Cien went on to win the NXT Championship afterward and ultimately get called up during the Superstar Shakeup.

Watch the full clip below.