Zack Ryder — Injured During SmackDown Live (VIDEO)

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The Hype Bros won the No. 1 Contenders’ Battle Royal on SmackDown Live last night … but their immediate future is unknown, because Zack Ryder suffered an injury during the match. confirmed the incident and explained, “Zack Ryder suffered an injury to his left knee. The injury took place when Long Island Iced-Z attempted a Rough Ryder . . . After the match, Ryder was carried to the trainer’s room and is currently on crutches.”

It’s believed that Zack’s kneecap may have popped out of place, and then popped back in.

Ryder commented on Twitter saying, “Bittersweet night. Won a battle royal on #SDLive for the #HypeBros to become No. 1 contenders … Injured my knee in the process. MRI tomorrow”

WWE noted that they will post an update on Zack’s condition following his doctor’s appointment.

Check out the video below. You’ll notice he doesn’t stand up after the victory and is clearly in pain.