The Young Bucks Hit With ACTUAL Cease and Desist From WWE Over ‘Too Sweet’ Hand Gesture

cease and desist young bucks wwe

After months of joking about it, and just one day after Bullet Club “invaded” Raw, WWE sent The Young Bucks an ACTUAL cease and desist letter over the “Too Sweet” hand gesture.

Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed WWE reached out to the popular Ring of Honor/NJPW tag team to say they own the copyright to the “Too Sweet” hand gesture and have discovered that the brothers have been using it in other companies, as well as on merch.

Therefore, WWE is demanding the Bucks stop using WWE intellectual property in-ring and on any merchandise immediately. If not, they may be hit with $150K in damages or more.

They also want an agreement in writing saying the brothers wont use WWE IP again in the future. 

It’s unclear at this point whether The Young Bucks plan to fight this, but sources tell us they’ve consulted with a lawyer and will figure out what’s best in the days to come.

While we don’t know for sure, it’s hard not to assume that this was done as a reaction to the Bullet Club “invading” Raw this week which can be SEEN HERE.

  • Jason Crumbley

    If I remember correctly, NC State (or some college) owns the rights to the hand gesture. Unless WWE bought those rights, they can fuck off.

    • Y.C.C.L

      WWE copyrights everything their wrestlers do. They even try to copyright your name to fuck you up once they let you go. The too sweet kiss was created by Gene Simmons from KISS. He tried to copyright it and couldn’t. Probably Vince being an asshole

      • Jonoridge

        You don’t copyright names, you trademark them. Copyrighting and trademarking are two separate things.

        Honestly, the way The Young Bucks present themselves, they can get away with this by claiming it’s a parody, which would make it fall under ‘Fair Use’.

        • agentboolen

          Parody of what though? They do 10 -15 super kicks a match, so what are they a bad parody of a couple of Shawn Michael’s. Or is the Bullet Club just a parody of the NWO, which being called a parody kinda makes the group a joke and defeats the purpose of what I think there going for as a mean group.

          I’d say just drop the two sweet hand gestures.

        • Y.C.C.L

          You right. Trademark. And they using it because Nash told them to use it. Before it was trademarked too. I think the Bucks will just ignore it and pay the fine if WWE isn’t bluffing which they probably are.

      • Jeff Satan

        Gene Simmons DID NOT create the sign language hand gesture for “I love you”. LOL!
        ( He’s a pompus turd anyway)
        WHICH is completely different than the Hall and Nash hand gesture that EVERYONE now uses. And lets not bring up the devil horns that Ronnie James Dio ( did not invent) either…

        I do agree with that it’s just WWE being catty though.
        They also must have forgotten about DX invading Nitro, once upon a time ago.

        • Y.C.C.L

          Could be a work. Although I don’t think so. Bucks been using WWE merchandise, do a little fix, then make profit of that. Maybe WWE just lost their patience when they did the Invasion plus on top of everything they did on the past. The too sweet was the easiest thing to sue for usage without permission.

          Then again, they still under contract with ROH and New Japan, while if it wasn’t a work, they could had gotten released, maybe.

          • Jeff Satan

            Word. I think its a work because WWE already snatched up a bunch of dudes from Bullet Club. 90% of people at NXT tapings are wearing Bullet Club shirts, Daniel Bryans been teasing going to ROH, WWE are leaning back towards Attitude Era programming, they are trying to get Cody Rhoads back…
            Who knows? Lol

      • Jake Nelson

        Those are two different hand gestures lol. Similar, I’ll give you that. But different nonetheless. And please don’t ever say that clown from Kiss invented the horns ever again.

        • Y.C.C.L

          He tried to trademark it.

    • Kyle

      You can’t trademark a hand gesture.

      • Best in the World

        You didn’t know about DDP!

        • Jeff Satan

          Better watch it! You’re gonna get sued by Road Dogg and Billy Gunn! Haha

        • Howards_cat_Tarzan

          DDP / Gene Simmons. What do they have in-common beside having genetics for loving gold? That helps a lot in a corrupted system.

  • Tim Briggs

    The whole bullet club used it. So why go after the Young bucks? Why not ROH which knows better

    • lots of monkeys

      Because Young Bucks are the only one who are loaded with cash.

  • Will Henderson

    how long before the Young Bucks/Bullet Club start doing the “Hook ‘EM Horns” hand gesture as a replacement of Too Sweet due to WWE’s intentions to snuff out competition to maintain it’s monopoly status

  • fresh freshh

    LOL IWC, Impact tries to trademark Broken Universe which was used first and exclusively on Impact: IWC says Impact sucks because of it. WWE does this which has virtually nothing to do with them: IWC gives 0 fs

    • Johnny Randall

      What the fuck are you on about? Literally all the comments are against wwe dipshit.

    • Joe

      There’s a pretty huge difference. Impact is using it to prevent the guys who created it from using it elsewhere. WWE is using their trademark to protect their shit from guys whose entire gimmick is that they copy what they’ve seen in WWE

  • Michael Nicholas

    I hope they looked into Fair use.

    Also if Bullet Club is a Parody group… that’d help too.

    • Kelly King

      I think there isn’t a fair use on gestures like this in the context, as DDP has been suing people for years over the diamond cutter hand gesture.

  • reed richards

    I thought the ftr cease was real.

  • IKnowYouJustDidNotSayThat

    Dear WWE, The Turkish Mafia would like their hand sign back.


    Fuck wwe they are just mad that they suck and got invaded u guys don’t listen to ur fans anyways last ppv was pure shit pwg 4 life

    • NoTimeForThatCrap

      If you’re going to try and pretend as if you deserve to be in this conversation, you probably shouldn’t type and spell like a brain damaged 4 year old. Oh who am I kidding, the flag in your icon already proves that’s 2 years too advanced thinking for you.

      • GXFR4LIFE

        Do u even know what that means tough guy it’s from Westside Gunn a rapper from buffalo ny he uses the symbol against stupid people Also how am I wrong wwe doesn’t listen to what fans want they are having Brock vs Roman at wm34 and Roman will win. And pwg has been giving us great wrestling for years.

  • agentboolen

    Just watched Raw on my DVR and didn’t even see them. That shows so long, I guess I did too much fast forwarding.

  • Elrod Hendrix

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    • Johnny Randall

      Says the guy commenting on this in the first place.

      • ghostinrags

        Eat shit, you mother loving troll. Don’t have something decent to say, then shut your infernal mouth. People are allowed to comment if they wish; who are you to judge and belittle. Piece of trash.

        • NoTimeForThatCrap

          “piece of trash”
          The irony of someone with an icon of a confederate flag saying this is way too hilarious for me to process.

          • ghostinrags

            It’s to bait trolls like you, nit wit.

  • Louis

    Good. I am glad someone are taking these 2 donkeys to task for stealing copyrighted ideas.

  • KREePyKiDD

    Where is my comment!?

  • Jozett Johnson


  • Jeffrey

    Unless someone else has some different evidence, you can’t trademark a hand gesture since it’s not trademarkable material. My understanding is WWE’s attempt at trademarking hand gesture in 2015 was abandoned.


    ” TWO SWEET ” ” 2 SWEET ” ” TO SWEET “