Vince McMahon Announces XFL is Returning in 2020

xfl return revival vince mcmahon press conference

It’s official! Vince McMahon announced today that the XFL will be returning in 2020.

McMahon held an online press conference this afternoon which kicked off with a commercial for the XFL revival that stressed the games will be quicker, simpler, safer and have reformed rules.

Vince kicked off his portion of the presser saying the XFL plans to give football back to the fans by listening to those who love the game over the next two years.

“We will present a shorter, faster-paced, family-friendly and easier to understand game.” Vince explained, “Don’t get me wrong, it’s still football. But it’s professional football reimagined.”

The WWE Chairman revealed that they intend to launch with eight, forty-man teams and a ten game regular season that would finish with two semi-finals and a championship game.

Additional details McMahon revealed during the press conference:

  • He claims the XFL return won’t affect his role in WWE.
  • There will be no crossover between WWE and XFL.
  • Vince says the XFL revival will have nothing to do with politics or social issues. He doesn’t think fans want to deal with things of a political nature while watching. They just want good football.
  • The players will have rules in regards to the National Anthem that players have to abide by.
  • Players with a DUI will not be allowed to compete in the XFL.

Watch the full press conference below for more details.


  • Louis

    Not a bad idea. To be fair to Vince. There are so many sports channels and streaming services that need content. That I could see XFL on ESPN or CBS sports network or NBC sports network and on amazon.

  • Louis

    Although to start this in 2020 I don’t like. Would have start it next year and signed Colin Kaepernick to a contract just to capitalize on the controversy. 2020 would be too late and old news

    • Lou DiFigliano

      Taking time to do it right is smart. Map wouldn’t go to the XFL anyway since Vince is gonna make everyone stand for the anthem. Which is funny, “we’re not going to be political football… But we are going to play the anthem and make everyone stand… Dammit”

      So it is all political. It’s the Trump league.